Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Installing Linux Mint 18.2

Firefox 52+ does not work with ALSA, therefore you must install PulseAudio:

sudo apt install pulseaudio pavucontrol

and then activate my bose speakers using the PulseAudio Volume Control from the main menu.

Install the following libraries (sudo apt-get install):
qml-module-org-kde-kholidays  (this is for the holidays in the calendar)
gnome-themes-standard          (prevents warning with wxmaxima)
plasma-widget-weatherforecast (widget weather forecast... cities)

Otros programas a installar
rsibreak (workrave does not work)
texstudio (descargar desde página oficial)
google earth (descargar desde página oficial)
acrobat reader (.deb)

Después de instalar MATLAB, instale

Login Manager (greeter)
sddm is the default login manager in Linux Mint 18.2
It is really ugly, and I really like mdm, the default in LM 17.3
Therefore, install mdm and select it as the login manager
Remove sddm, sddm-theme*, kde-config-sddm

In order to remove the
[FAILED] Failed to start braille device support
error, remove brltty