Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The following is an extension to

In order to have a dynamic dns address, do the following:

- Open an account at

- Now we have to install a client to update the ip address everytime we have a new IP address: in this case from synaptic I chose ddclient (see also )
# sudo apt-get install ddclient

To configure ddclient, edit the file /etc/ddclient.conf and run
the tool in
In the webpage of ddclient: you can learn how to configure it.
A tutorial for configuring ddclient in is

Another tools for linux are
- ndyndns >>
- and the ones in

In order to check if ddclient is working...
$ nslookup
You can also try to go to
and in the field Query and Record Type: write down


To see if you can access the computer from outside, check that the ports are open with

Finally, install OPENVPN ( )

If I want to create a web server check
  • -
  • -

Some links that might be useful in case of troubles

Other pages that provide similar services to are
  • And the 40 listed at

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